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Jessica is an abstract expressionist artist with a keen eye for color composition.  Inspired by her grandmother, Jessica started painting at the age of two.  Throughout her adolescence, Jessica was encouraged to "color outside the lines."  She continued to paint and draw without the traditional "rules" and eventually made her way to Hofstra University where she studied Fine Art.  Jessica has also spent time teaching and volunteering with local art education programs, painting studios and art therapy programs.


Today, Jessica focuses on creating textured, kaleidoscopic paintings.  Her inspiration is driven from her innate desire to inspire, uplift and bring joy to others.  Her use of vibrant colors and radical texture is aimed at captivating viewers to channel their playful inner child.  


Jessica is also a singer/songwriter and a Professional Certified Life Coach that focuses on empowering people to live courageously in their pursuit of what sets their soul on fire.  She inspires people to live their lives authentically.  She is passionate about raising the collective vibration and inspiring kindness, compassion, and empathy. 

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